Uh-oh. A little bit more of this without explanation and LG might just start feeling the brunt of an internet backlash. Yesterday we wrote about reports of some of AT&T’s LG G4 units updating without user confirmation. Now we have reports of T-Mobile units doing the exact same thing. Not good, not good at all.

Readers of the tech blog Droid Life, as well as some people in various tech forums have reported of a mysterious update that pushes itself onto the LG G4 and reboots their phones without permission. As you can imagine, there will be people who will be in calls and find that suddenly their phones are shutting down and turning back on automatically. This is what happened with AT&T users yesterday – it’s happening with T-Mobile users as well.


T-Mobile has confirmed that this is a “mandatory” update that “improves software stability”. The funny thing is (ok, not funny at all), there is no changelog available for this update. So we’re not totally sure what this update really does. The T-Mobile update was a big-ish 174MB download, while the AT&T one was supposedly around 25MB.

Are you on the receiving end of this update as well? Tell us about it. LG might have some explaining to do on this one.

VIA: Droid Life