You’ve probably seen some reports that T-Mobile is set to make some changes in the second half of 2012 now that their attempts to merge with AT&T have failed. In case you’ve missed it, they will be starting with their highly recognizable and always attractive Carly Foulkes. She’s dropping the cute act in favor of tight black leather (yes please) and a 1000cc Ducati Superbike and we have the full video below.

According to T-Mobile and SVP of communications, Peter DeLuca, they’ll be doing an entire brand makeover in the coming months showing customers what they are missing. Hoping they’ll take a second look at what T-Mobile and company has to offer, with one of the largest faux 4G networks available in the USA. The new tagline will be “No More Mr. Nice Girl” when the cute and innocent Carly drops the Magenta dresses and replaces them with black leather and a “4G fast” 1000cc Superbike Ducati. You’ve heard plenty about it so how about that new video titled “Alter Ego”

T-Mobile has an impressive device coming later this month in the brand new HTC One S, and you can see our review right here. The One S will probably be one of their better offerings this summer and you could even call it their flagship, although we can’t be certain with things like the Galaxy S III still unannounced. T-Mobile is having a party for the One S on the 18th and we are still expecting some sort of April release date possibly around the 25th.

So what do you think of T-Mobile’s plan for a brand makeover. Will dressing the beautiful Carly in black leather get attention? I think it will. Whether that will be enough for people to switch is a different story. They are looking to shake things up in the second half of 2012, and this looks to be a good start.

[via T-Mobile]