In case you missed it, T-Mobile has dropped the “Nice Girl” look of their Carly commercials in cute Magenta dresses and instead are going with sexy black leather. I love the move and we now have two new videos from T-Mobile. Both of these new campaigns are showing off their impressive HTC One S, and even takes some direct shots at AT&T and the iPhone.

The newest commercial, shown first, has T-Mobile and the always pretty Carly showing off the HTC One S using Google Play Music capabilities. Touting on the fly music access using Google Music and their street bike fast 4G HSPA+ network. It gives us a quick glance of Carly, as well as the new One S and you can see our review by clicking here. They are calling this “fast songs” by T-Mobile.

Next is the older video that was released early last week. It takes some direct shots at both AT&T, as well as the iPhone while comparing it to the One S again. I have to admit even though I’m not a fan of this type of comparison because they are so different the video is quite awesome. Shows Carly race by the slow and old (AT&T blue) motorcycle and then gives us a replay — with Carly basically saying “Peace out dude” and racing off into the sunset. You can’t tell me that’s not hot! I’d be chasing that bike trying to toss her my number if that happened to me, just saying.

T-Mobile is basically saying their 4G and the HTC One S is so fast compared to AT&T and the iPhone 4S that all you need to do is blink and you’ll miss them fly by you. What do you guys think of this latest round of videos. Do you like them? Hate them? Or think T-Mobile’s getting a little desperate here? Either way more Carly is a good thing if you ask me.


  1. Hey atleaat they took my advice from the other ad and didn’t dub over the ducti twin with a four banger. Other than that who can resist a beautiful woman on a bike!!!. Will it sell phones .. Doubtful.

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