If you’re currently a T-Mobile subscriber in the United States, you might get frustrated as the Un-Carrier is enrolling all subscribers in a new advertising program. It is an automatic move but one where you can also opt-out. What will happen is the the company can and will share your web and mobile-app data beginning the 26 of April. The goal is to provide businesses information about the consumers’ online activity. It’s not really illegal but everything is about consent these days.

Businesses and brands are interested in the activities of the people for targeted marketing. T-Mobile can do that by automatically enrolling major of the subscribers.

An update has been made to the privacy-policy. Customers are encouraged to opt of the program if you don’t feel at ease sharing some information. Customers of Sprint will also be covered by this move since the merger has happened.

T-Mobile Targeted Advertising

More relevant ads may be shown on your phone. This will now be the default setting but can still be disabled. Interestingly, business accounts and children’s account won’t be affected by this policy change.

Tech brands are targeting more audience by way of targeted ads. They can only do so with data allowed for sharing and Verizon and AT&T have similar solution. AT&T enrolls wireless subscribers in an ad program. They are placed in similar groups based on their interests. Verizon also pools subscriber data.