We’ve only been waiting for the LG V20 as the new premium phone from LG. You can say it’s the “other” highly anticipated flagship phone from South Korea aside from the problematic Note 7. The company has a big chance to beat Samsung this time and make up for the not so successful G5 sales. The phone went up for pre-order on T-Mobile just the other day as the first device for the carrier’s LTE-AWS 3 spectrum.

A redditor known as SplatterMark proudly shared that he already received his LG V20 order from T-Mobile. The phone is also available on AT&T and Verizon but it seems that the Un-Carrier is getting ahead of its rivals.

SplatterMark was then asked about the phone and he mentioned many good things about it. He said that that quality is better compared to the LG V10. He noted the curved metal back plus the fact that there is no light bleed from the second display. The camera is impressive while the phone already comes with a screen protector out of the box.


Another interesting we noted in this reddit post is the fact that he got the phone as a “loaner” for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That’s bad news for Samsung and good news for LG because it appears that people are switching to or are being served with the new LG smartphone.

We’ve had our first look and hands on the LG V20 but we have yet to do an extensive review and analysis of the phone. We’ll work on it soon.

VIA: Reddit