OpenSignal is one of the names we trust when it comes to gathering data about the mobile and wireless game. Interpretation and analysis are done by using metrics of data collated straight from mobile consumers that have a special app installed. The last report we shared was back in February. Another half year has passed so we’re curious to know how the mobile industry performed in the United States.

The earlier part of 2017 was an interesting and crucial one because many factors affected the numbers. Both AT&T Verizon offered the unlimited plans again. Unfortunately, the two carriers’ 4G speeds and overall speeds fell because of the huge demand. Interestingly, T-Mobile entered the game and advanced in every metric.

For this analysis, OpenSignal looked at over 5 billion measurements to check and compare the 3G and 4G performance of the networks. Over 170,000 devices were tested from April 1 to June 30 in the USA. That’s a lot of mobile phones in one country alone but we’re not surprised. Here are some highlights of the findings:

• Verizon and AT&T saw a decline in 4G speeds, falling 2 Mbps 14.9 Mbps
• T-Mobile and another carrier increased speeds
• T-Mobile went ahead of Verizon in LTE availability and 4G availability metric

Looking at the regional numbers and performance, a long chart is provided HERE.

T-Mobile dominated the period especially since Verizon and AT&T launched the unlimited plans. T-Mobile’s LTE reach continues to expand but Verizon shared in the victory in some markets.

SOURCE: OpenSignal