Like any other company, product, or service, it is important to know how carriers perform. Numbers don’t lie but it’s always up to people how they would interpret data. When it comes to wireless coverage mapping, the industry turns to OpenSignal for reports because it uses metrics and collates data straight from the consumers who have the mobile app installed.

In the United States, there are top contenders struggling to keep their numbers in this fast-moving and highly-demanding industry. Verizon and T-Mobile are in a close fight for speed. T-Mobile is said to have overtaken Verizon in 4G speed some six months ago but the latter significantly improved in Q4 2016. When it comes to 4G availability, Verizon is still on top with 88.2% of the time. T-Mobile trails closely behind with only less than two points below.

OpenSignal noted that the big four operators extended their LTE reach. That is good news for everyone although we know there are still more room for improvements. 4G connectivity is quickly rising, causing 3G to to become insignificant. Both are still being measured because 3G has not completely been overtaken by 4G.

Check out the data and graphs below and see for yourself how your carrier performed the past year:

See full chart of Regional Results

SOURCE: OpenSignal


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