Samsung’s latest premium flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, are getting a price cut. We heard about this a few days ago and today, we’ve got information that T-Mobile is making the promo official. From the full retail price of $679.92, the Galaxy S6 is now down to $579.99 while the Galaxy S6 edge now costs $679.99, down from $779.76.

This price cut is somehow expected since we’ve been hearing the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will soon be introduced. In fact, we can’t wait for August 13 when the South Korean giant will unveil the newest premium phablets. The price cut could also be a response to the not-so-impressive Q2 financial results. We noted then that Samsung should make adjustments to the high prices of the premium phones if they really want to make more money.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is also available for $0 downpayment but with a monthly fee of $24.17 under a 2-year contract. The Galaxy S6 edge is also available with no downpayment for $28.33/month also for 24 months. Both prices are for the 32GB model. Should you decide to cancel T-Mobile wireless service for whatever reason, you just need to pay the remaining balance.

Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE T-MOBILE

Full retail price of both the 64GB and 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 is also $659.99. Same models under a 2-year agreement are $27.50 per month. Meanwhile, the 64GB and 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge also cost $679.99 and with a $28.33 monthly fee under contract.

SOURCE: T-Mobile(1),(2)


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