It’s electric! The following is a journey through T-Mobile’s newest Sidekick effort – a project that’s produced a device that’s no less than a hipster masterpiece, one that’ll make all your oddly fashioned cloth wearing friends say “uh, I don’t want to sound like a newb or anything, but that phone looks like it’s totally amazing, and I have no idea why I don’t already have it.” That’s right – this is the phone that all the art students who live on the South side of Minneapolis will want to be grabbing asap lest they miss the pink bus – aka they’re going to want to get the one I’ve got here, the white and pink edition. So cute!

First Impressions

There’s two different moments when you “first see” a phone if you’re a person who reviews electronics for a living like yours truly. First there’s the first time you open the box – you’ve got to see what’s inside the box, you’ve got to pop the batter cover off the device, and you’ve got to see if the device will turn on without the assistance of a battery. Then there’s the second time you first see the phone – you’re not in as much of a rush, you can sit down, stand up, walk around with the device and use it as a phone or text, and you can watch a little movie on it – or a big movie, as you’re about to see below.

Once I started to handle this device in ernest, I realized that, while other phones made of mostly plastic seemed flimsy and sometimes less than comfortable to the palm of my hand, this one was molded and formed to fit both my hands and my pocket-with-keys and often-dropping lifestyle. If you take this phone and whip it at the ground as hard as you possibly can (and I haven’t tested this, note,) the worst thing that’s going to happen is that the battery cover is going to pop off. The screen might also get a little scratched as it’s no Gorilla Glass, but wait – why are you throwing this device against the ground anyway?

Because odd stuff comes up, and when it does, you’re going to want to have a unique phone to go along with it. That’s what’s going on here with the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G. Because this device comes from a long line of oddities, so too must this review be a bit non-traditional. That’s why the next category is:

What Color Combo Should I Get?

This device is going to sell on Brand Power. What that means is that people know the Sidekick brand like they know the iPhone brand. Obviously it’s not exactly the same, but it IS a more powerful connection, I’d contend, than people’s loyalty to the Galaxy brand from Samsung – agree? Disagree? EIther way, the Sidekick brand is powerful, and Samsung has a fox by the tail, a cute fox that everyone is going to want to get ahold of, regardless of what his guts look like.

In other words, this device could sell without Android on it. Obviously I and we are interested in the device because it’s got Android on it, and we’re using it thusly, but it’s really not Android that this device is strong for. That said, the 1GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor holds its own for all sorts of fun stuff – like watching an HD video file of Tron: Legacy for example:

[vms 9f340bde656363ebd02f]

And what color combo should you get? Why, pink and white, of course! Your other combination of colors is black, but if you’re thinking about purchasing a sidekick in order that you might blend into the background – you’re going to be out of luck either way. What you WILL BE in luck for is a messaging and social-media fantasy where sharing your daily activities is as easy as pushing out that screen from its loving hard plastic bosom. And that’s really easy, if you did not already know.

How’s the Camera?

Well let’s have a look: the back-facing camera is 3-megapixels and the front-facing camera is VGA at .3 megapixels. Have a look at some examples below and see what you think:

Front-Facing Camera

Back-Facing Camera

Back-Facing Video

NOTE: There is no front-facing video. Obviously you can use the front-facing camera for photos and chat via Qik, but videos are not a built-in option. Harsh!

How’s the Battery?

This phone doesn’t use very much power in any aspect, therefor its 1500 mAh battery will more than last you the full 24 hours. That said, if you want to watch Tron, you might have to charge the battery after you’re done.

Phone/ Sound Quality?

Check out the sound quality on the speakers in the Tron video above – it’s quite nice. T-Mobile is putting out a few devices, this one and the two LG brothers, that all have fairly nice sound systems on them. It’s like they’re fulfilling my dream of a boombox that doesn’t require my arm to be thrown in a sling just for loud beats! The phone works well too – as I say in the demo video above, phonecall quality on all ends with this modern age of smartphone is second to none.

How’s the User Interface?

Again, there’s a totally unique Android user interface on this device. If you’re a regular Android user, you’ll recognize where everything comes from, and you’ll definitely enjoy how everything flows. If you’re an Android purist and only like your device to have a Vanilla flavoring to it, I suggest you check out the G2x instead. Users NEW to Android will be in for an extremely enjoyable treat. Not only is this an excellent path into Android, it’s an excellent path into smartphones and the Sidekick line specifically as well. It’s just fun!

[vms 0a2dee1861dc3ad3316c]

What you’re seeing in this video is yours truly walking through the phone, pointing out all the bits that may be of interest to you and yours. Hands-on with a brightly colored Android-run messaging machine.


If you’re used to our most modern review series here on Android Community, you’ll notice a lack of a few things, most notably benchmarks comparing this phone to its compatriots. Why would I skip such a series of tests? Because they don’t matter. What Samsung and T-Mobile have done here with Google and the Sidekick brand is to finally, truly set an Android device apart from the rest of the pack. Processor speeds and rooting ability be forgotten – this is it. This is a brand new direction for smartphone creators to take.

We’ll be watching the sales of this device closely, that’s for certain.


  1. 3megapixel on the back really? Not even an AMOLED screen? And small screen. Eh I guess that’s why this phone is selling for so cheap.

  2. good review ! I have had the device for 20 hours now (upgraded from a g1 running froyo), and while i am having no small amounts of problems adjusting to the ui/skin, i am liking it VERY much. and before anyone comments about ‘anything is an upgrade from the dinosaur’ i was using, i also have a company-paid inspire AND a nook running honeycomb.

    the only disappointment so far has been the back facing camera (3 MP). is this 2008 ?

  3. good review ! I have had the device for 20 hours now (upgraded from a g1 running froyo), and while i am having no small amounts of problems adjusting to the ui/skin, i am liking it VERY much. and before anyone comments about ‘anything is an upgrade from the dinosaur’ i was using, i also have a company-paid inspire AND a nook running honeycomb.

    the only disappointment so far has been the back facing camera (3 MP). is this 2008 ?

  4. My only complaint is the rear facing camera which should have been 5MP Autofocus with flash and 720P HD video recording. Also, it should have been running vanilla Android 2.4

  5. Touch screen freezes up and there is no way to place a call with out it. Keep hitting mute when answering calls. Hello Hello can u hear me? Font is too small.

  6. 3megapixel & a small screen? Nah uh, that’s not ftw. Its cool that it runs on 4G. But most phones does that. I’ve always been a big fan of sidekick since the 1st generation untill the 3rd. Come on samsung, why don’t just do it big?. Bring all them old sidekick users back. I am currently using G2, I love it. I thought of getting it but not fully thrill with its quality.

    Thanks for the reviews.

  7. I tried it in the store – screen doesn’t rotate most of the time, web was slow, shortcut screen hard to use, buttons are not individual, they are 2 buttons on one rocker…. I was excited and wanted one before I tried it but now I see that it was rushed out and is a ripoff. Extra $15 a month for tethering, I won’t pay over $100 a month for something that isn’t perfect.

    • Also, screen went black during use, not even during a pause in use, guy in store ran around trying to plug it in, then he figured out that it had to be powered back on…. WAIT for update. IT IS NOT A SIDEKICK, IT’S A MESS.

      • Auto-rotate is off by default: It is meant only to rotate when you kick out the screen. You can change that and cut your battery life if you would like.

        Maybe you were in a bad area that only got EDGE, because I own it and the 4G works wonders. 3G can be a bit sluggish, but gets the job done.
        2 Buttons on one rocker for volume is pretty de rigueur. Apple fanboy, much?
        And you probably hit the power button yourself.
        Tethering I can’t speak for; I never use it.

      • hahaha if u dont own the sidekick 4g .. shouldnt really be saying much.. this phone is great.. n really fast.. not slow.. no problems with it.. if u cant get one.. no need 2 brag about it haha sidekick 4g as a phone is awesome A+++ but it could have been better look wise

      • Auto-rotate is off by default: It is meant only to rotate when you kick out the screen. You can change that and cut your battery life if you would like.

        Maybe you were in a bad area that only got EDGE, because I own it and the 4G works wonders. 3G can be a bit sluggish, but gets the job done.
        2 Buttons on one rocker for volume is pretty de rigueur. Apple fanboy, much?
        And you probably hit the power button yourself.
        Tethering I can’t speak for; I never use it.

  8. Have been using this phone along side a G2 and Galaxy S. The screen is smaller buts its just as fast. Have had no issues with the phone at all. If you go to the store and check out the device make sure you power cycle it as its usually been turned on for days and used pretty hard DLing & removing apps. Have got to say for the price its tough to find anything that comes close to the speed, quality & stability.

  9. I have the sidekick 4G as of 9pm EST yesterday. The speaker phone works great, much better than the other phone. Price was great, and honestly no complaints except wanting smaller font for the address book part. I know there is an app for that just didnt think I needed to download it until now. There are tons of apps including VLC, mobo video player, back grounds and themes totally customizable. This is huge compared to the old sidekick. Camera I could care less about because I own a Sony camcorder and a cannon camera. I bought a phone to be a phone not a camera. I will say though the whole barcode scanning App is frigin awsome when shopping. To play videos in avi, mpg, mpeg, m2v, mkv, and supporting codecs of ac3, 3ivx, divx, and xvid is enough to make me happy even though I have a laptop everywhere I go. I love this phone.

    Video recording is nice as well. The battery last much longer than the old sidekick.. Only thing I wish is I didnt need the phone so soon. I know they will be offering a protective case for it soon even though there isnt one yet officially made for it. It does support audio output for your car stereo system or head phones and blue tooth as well.

    Those complaining about the phone going black on them after 10/30 seconds or 1 minute. Those are default settings and you can change it to 5 or to 10 minutes of inactivity.

    Also the phone comes with a default GPS app to track your phone if stolen and there is a app to email or text your phone with a code that will give you coordinates to your phone. Great detriment for those wanting to steal phones.

    The comment on tethering, that is not the case at 15 a month for tethering.. Maybe with other phones but not the sidekick.

    Yes to the person who questioned about adding photos or taking photos and making them your homescreen background. You can upload photos to the DCIM folder or create a folder on the memory stick and disable the usb cord, and go to the Settings, Then Display, then Wallpapers, then Home Screen Wallpaper, then Gallery, Now choose what you want too. Default size works great but you can make it smaller or bigger. No matter what you can choose brightness of the screen and you can choose the image size what ever you want. You can have the picture stretched the way you want it or fit the way it already says. Up to you. The pictures do not “have to be” taken in order to be able to use them. Also the background when wide screened will be different if flipped sideways,

    The thing people say the touch screen freezes. It has happened to me once but that was because the application I paid for was installing at the time. I was told that “installing apps may cause appearances of stalling touch screens”. Or other activity.

    I expect that when I had 12 + apps installed. Just a heads up.

    Anyways enjoy the new Sidekick.

    Proud sidekick owner since 2002.

    – Thomas

  10.  please return this phone its terrible i had 4 so far the continuous freezing black screen auto shut off the slow reset as of now this phne is junk might be good if they have an update for it

    • Yes, The settings for the contact list allows selecting FB as one of the sources. It will pull all of them including their picture.

  11. ive been to a bunch of tmobiles radioshak wallmart n i cant find the phone :/ it looks like an awesome phone so i want it my friend has it n it works well n fast

  12. i just got one in walmart for 100$ wow fast good i like the wallpapers camera for being 3mp its good sound sistem greate and all u haters this phone is awesome and if u dont have it dont coment bad about it (sorry for spelling not good and not my lenguage) and who needs flash its a phone not a camera good colors i havent seen a bug and plp say it turns black on em hey u can turn tht off =_= its for saving batery like if u dont touch it for 15 or some seconds itl lock so u dont have to or forgot

  13. Jus got the phone yesterday… was kinda shaky about gettin it once reading the reviews and see pics… but no lie this is one of the best phones i have ever had and i have had my share of phones.. if your thinking about getting it… please do… i mean now come on dont expect it to be iphone worthy because its not and thats not what the sidekick is meant for anyway… i have iphone and rate my iphone a 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 and this sidekick an 8 by far.

  14. I’m on my 3rd sidekick in a month. The touch screen freezes up a lot. It randomly freezes on a black screen and requires a battery pull. No, its not the black screen due to inactivity. The web randomly forces close as well as apps. And it has charging issues. I got my third one, and the second I pulled it out of the box and went to charge it, it wouldn’t charge. Still won’t. Its not the charger either, they tried it in the store too. I get to take it back and exchange it for a whole new one this week.

  15. Mine freezes on touch screen a bit too. when it does that I have to push the lock screen button to lock it and then unlock it for the touch screen to start working again. It also chooses when it eants to vharge on the charger and when it doesnt. I get the force closed error a lot when I open the andrpid market. I cant download apps because of it. The only apps I have are stock apps. This is my second sidekick. I cant get a new one till ive been through 3.

  16. Mine freezes on touch screen a bit too. when it does that I have to push the lock screen button to lock it and then unlock it for the touch screen to start working again. It also chooses when it eants to vharge on the charger and when it doesnt. I get the force closed error a lot when I open the andrpid market. I cant download apps because of it. The only apps I have are stock apps. This is my second sidekick. I cant get a new one till ive been through 3.

  17. The sidekick doesn’t flip! Like seriously what were tmobile thinking? I’m so disappointed about that and the android people are trying to change the style and way of the sidekcikc its ruining the product, anyways aim isn’t instilled automatically and they don’t provide headphones to the user anymore, that’s so gay and its gay because android peopl dnt know how to let a phone have is own style, I bought the fone bc I’m a loyal sidekick user soooooooo…… yeah anyways it still feels like a kick and the keypad is really good… l0000ve my fone even he the android faggots tried to mess it up oh and I’m still trying to see if we get tmail

    • just a little heads up on WHY they dont do the awesome flip open anymore… the company that tmobile used to work with copy righted that design, they no longer work with “Danger” (i think thats who it was anyway) but seeing that t-mobile still owned rights to the sidekick brand, they got samsung to slap a new screen design on it and beefed up its inner parts =)

  18. I got it a month ago- my only complaint- the touchscreen. It’s always freezing up and sometimes to lock it and then unlock it works but lately I’ve been having to pull the battery.

  19. the screen freezes too much, it force closes and when scrolling on the internet it wont let you, the problems started just a little but then started happening more..i like the phone too much so i was like oh its nothing, but now im just freaking tired of it. 

  20. the sidekick 4g is retarded. there is an incredible amount of screen lag, alarms don’t go off, internet connection was better on the sidekick 08, and all around the phones software is bugged. like the last comment, i’m getting very tired of it. the last update made it even worse than it was, as well

  21. anybody know if there is anything that can be done about the internet freezing and the touch screen freaking out/freezing/randomly vibrating? mine worked great for about a month and a half and then started acting up. can i take it to t-mobile? or do i have to contact samsung?

  22. I’m sorry but after the software update my phone started tweeking, messaging will close randomly, internet will close, randomly exits out of apps, the touch screen freezes – and restarts on it’s own. I cannot receive messages from contacts unless I restart the phone..  Even though it’s a great multimedia-socializing type phone.. honestly the “perfect-ness” lasts for maybe up to 4 months.. My sidekick 4g is about 5-6 months old, I regret buying this phone just because of the hype.. I just ordered a blackberry curve to replace this phone since my tmobile contract is 2 years. overall don’t buy this phone.. i suggest you buy a phone like the google phones or.. just not this one. I will never buy a sidekick again.

  23. this is the worst phone ever…just got it and i dont even have any apps besides bus route one and it doesnt let me call always tweaking out to the homepage basically with everything i try to do…and goes extra extra slow…DONT BUY IT!!!!

  24. Thanx everybody for droppin their reviews on this phone I was bout to buy it but after readin all the negativeness of it I chnge my mind…thanx everyone I own mytouch 4g now n im glad I got this one instead..

  25. the worst phone i have ever bought bought it for $50 on a two year upgrade sold it two days latter for $100 and bought a HTC Sensation  4g best phone T-Mobile has by far

  26. The sidekick should get a dropkick it sux I went to Sprint
    With the EVO 4G and NO PHONES can even come
    Close to this one I can run 8 laptops @ one time with my hotspot
    And its still fast as hell tmobile sux and this phone sux u wanna
    Be happy get with Sprint and buy an EVO

  27. This phone is HORRIBLE! It worked great for about 3 or 4 months and then it started to seriously bug out. The screen freezes so I can’t answer calls. It won’t let me dial call because the screen jumps back home while I’m in the middle of dialing. My apps force close all the time. I’m constantly having to turn off and on the damn phone. Do NOT get this phone!

  28. Honestly, I have had this phone for one day and its doing just like everyone else said. It bugs out, freezes, you press one icon and it takes you somewhere else, in the middle of dialing it freezes and goes back to the home screen, when you plug it up to the charger, the screen sometimes doesnt want to come back on. You literally have to turn the phone off then turn it back on to refresh it….but the only downfall is that it does it all over again. It has some good days but has more bad days. The phone is slow, it has really back lag and would be a waste of your time. I have had now three different replacements….and they have ALL done the same thing. This phone was a great idea but garbage. It has lots of potential but when you have techs build a phone without testing it all the way and throwing it out on the market just to make some quick cash…you end up with lots of ANGRY and FRUSTRATED customers. Hell, I have went into the store and spoke to managers and agents and no one wants to help nor do they care about my constant phone issues. I should have stayed with Sprint. I had an issue with my HTC Hero but after one replacement… was good. Tmobile is going out of business…they dont care about their customers. They pacify us with useless phones or to get the good ones they want us to pay out of pocket which is another inconveinence because the original device wont work. I should have listened to my first mind. This phone is garbage. Dont let the sleek look and the cool features fool you…………GARBAGE!

  29. This is the worst phone ever! I ve already had to exchange it once because 1) the screen gets blurry 2) the touch screen doesnt respond 3) it woouldnt make calls.  now that I am on my 2nd phone (in 5 mos) I am having problems again!! Whe I text and press “a” it jumps to the “a” in my contacts! So basicly I cant text.  The touch screen stinks so bad it takes me like 5 min to actually be able to make a phone call.  DO NOT BUY THIS!!! Its the worst phone I have ever had!!

  30. iGot this phone on Semptember 24 at the river oals mall iLove this phone !!! My phone Has NEVER frozed the touch screen is amazing and iAm not trading in this Phone until They make an Adnroid Sidekick “2” ……. best phone everr

  31. #1 Junk Phone I ever owned. I owned every Sidekick and this 4G Andriod SK is Complete Garbage. I have to reset it on and off 15 times a day. It freezes, locks up, phone and headset volume is low, I can’t get a loud ringer from anywhere, its just not loud. Speakerphone sucks and its on the back to boot. Runs so slow. At first I thought it was this new android op sys, but everybody who owns a different model phone love their andriod. I found 2 other SK owners and they have the same problems. Basically if you live on your phone or conduct business on your phone. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. I’m buying a real phone…an iphone. I never heard one complaint on apple iphones. Do yourself a favor…..just spend the money on a iphone. The SK 4G is the worst phone I ever owned! My brick phone from the 80’s worked better! B LOL!

  32. my phone force closes almost eveeery app, its extremly slow, battery dies quick, it freezes, it drops calls, constantly, im VERY ANNOYED

  33. this really is thee WORST phone I have EVER had!! Not a days go by that I don’t want to throw it against the wall…Ive NEVER felt that way about a phone. I originally had a my touch 3g slide…had to get it replaces after almost a year (hadn’t had any problems at all then all of a sudden the screen got foggy & stopped working) went to a tmobile store…said they could offer me the sidekick 4g instead…of course i went for the “better” phone…BIGGEST mistake EVER!!…I went back to see if they’d let me “downgrade” back to my my touch….they didn’t let me…im not want to get rid of all these crappy phones too!!

  34. My husband and I got this phone the week it came out. Thinking brand new phone, up to date everything… no.We went from Iphones to this. BIG mistake. It worked for probably about a month. Then freezing began. Forced to close every app. Text messages always not sent. And then when I do reset the phone it sends the last text messages I sent out twice. So my friends are constantly gettting repeat messages because I reset this phone at least 5 times a day. When I pull out the key board to text in the sun everytime I push “a” it goes to search. Why? I know why. Because this phone is stupid! Seriuosly. I even tried starting the phone over from scratch with what it came with. No additional apps. Cleared out my memory card (thinking maybe it was an app or something I stored). Nope. Still same problems. Don’t get me started on my battery life. I can’t even use it for more than 4 hours before I have to plug it back in because it’s at 20%. So I’m thinking maybe it’s my phone. Nope my husbands does the same thing. We are not satisfied at all and cannot wait until upgrade time.

  35. Its true, this is the biggest waste of $ ever, I HATE my phone, within 2 days of getting the sidekick 4g I had to return it because of it freezing up, cutting off out of nowhere, won’t let me into my call log & forget trying to just dial the phone # u need because after about the 4th digit it just cuts out & sends me back to the main screen then I have to wait for the main screen to load etc etc all of the problems everyone else has been complaining about. So I took it back to the store & they maild me another one. The new one actually works just fine but of course someone took it 2 weeks later & now I’m back having to use the original one& I’ve had it on for 2 days now & all the same crap is happening, I’m so upset & I really don’t even know what to do about it because no one in the store will help me out, even worse is the service, I have no bars & can’t even use the phone while I’m at work & I went out of town this past weekend & didn’t even have service through out the very vast majority of the 3 & 1/2 hr drive, thank god I had no problems travelingbecause I would have been out of luck trying to call for help

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  37. Omg I hate this phone freezes up too muc cuts off for no reason and now I can’t access the internet because it says I have no signal on it I need wifi for it nice phone but it sicks

  38. Its because almost everyone over charges their phone. I have no idea why but if the battery is bad then it makes the phone start trippini know this purely from so don’t charge your phone over night… If its glitching really bad get a new battery from ebay for like 2$ and itll work like new

  39. I. Wish I would have read these reviews before I wasted my money, this phone is constantly freezing its ridiculous!!! I’ve had this phone for 6 months and I want a different phone!!!

  40. I’ve had this phone for about 8 months now and it works perfectly fine so idk what you people are talking about this phone works great 🙂

  41. This is the worst phone I have ever had. It freezes constantly, force closes, when I try to text it takes me to search, so I cant text. The touch screen never gives me the icon I touch. I have had this phone for less than a year. I have returned it to Tmobile 4 times since it is under warranty, and am on my 5th phone. After having this latest one for 2 days it started doing the exact same thing. I took it to a Tmobile store and they told me this phone has been nothing but trouble and they arent making it anymore. T-Mobile finally agreed to give me a replacement phone that isnt a Sidekick at no charge.
    T-Mobile sucks and so does this phone!

  42. I have had my phone for almost a year now. It works fine. It freezes sometimes but that is also because i have so many apps on my phone( that is a common issue in almost every droid phone). The internet is pretty good most of the time, but like every phone is laggs sometimes. it isnt a computer idiots. And the screen is NOT heat sensored. Which means that if your hands are sweaty, wet, greasy, or you just put on something, than its not gonna work as well and will screw it up. Lately i have had to reset it a few times but i took it in and it was because my phone was over heated like most phones it will happen and glitch out. Seriously people, if you hate it so much than stop complaining and do something about it. and do your research before you make any BIG purchase. dont trust the seller if you do than your an idiot. do your history and dont just buy it because it looks “sleak”. overall i love my phone if you dot than switch carriers. and btw T-Mobile is mostly known for family plans and business. (hence google) DO YOUR RESEARCH.

  43. I have some issues with this phone, maybe you can help me out while I look how to trouble shoot.
    #1 Internet freezes up, and sometimes the phone reboots.
    #2 My contact list keeps defaulting to a list I had on a different phone (yes, I am using the other chip from the other phone)
    #3 when scrolling down a long list, like my messages, the phone keeps reverting to the top of the list.
    #4 When playing a game, like Hangin’ With Friends, the phone freezes up, and I have to take out the battery and reboot.
    #5 The Battery life seems very short, 6hrs from full recharge, i am needing to recharge it again.

  44. I can say the old sidekicks rocked and was the only reason I got the sidekick 4g yeah big mistake… iv gone threw 2 of them and still have the same problems freezing shuting off hanging up the speaker phone u can talk to the other person but they cant hear you.. I have gone around and around with t-mobile and have been with them for 8 years asked to speak to the customer service and they asked me what they cold do for me I told them if they didn’t send me a different phone I would cancel my contract there sending me a my touch q. I was told by a t-mobile guy to tell them i would cancel if they didn’t fix the prob and they did… I could have 4g and couldn’t do anything with the phone no messages calls or internet the only time i could use the phone is if it had g service wth..


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