Opinion of the new Sidekick 4G may still be split – is it a true Sidekick or just an Android pretender borrowing the much-loved brand? – but until T-Mobile pushes the handset out we’ll have to sate our interest with a fresh batch of photos. Hiptop3 grabbed the new photoset, showing the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G from all angles.

Not a huge amount to learn from the new shots, bar that the Sidekick 4G doesn’t look to be the slimmest of handsets. We’re also still not sure about T-Mobile and Samsung’s choice of keyboard layout: emoticon shortcuts but no messaging shortcut seems a little short-sighted.

Still, if you’ve wanted to print out a life-size Sidekick 4G and practice your papercraft, here’s your chance. No word on when exactly the HSPA+ smartphone will arrive.