Reports are coming in that T-Mobile has finally admitted that the T-Mobile G1 does indeed have a battery problem as we stated in our review of the Android-powered device. With the inability to end background processes which kill the battery in less than a single day, T-mobile is giving lucky G1 owners an extended life battery.

While this is still just a rumor, T-Mobile may just be doing a little preventative maintenance under our nose in preparation for the stereo Bluetooth and video recording coming to handsets in January. T-Mobile is reportedly sending a new extended life battery and a compatible back cover within the month to all T-Mobile G1 owners. You know what this means, having an even larger device. It pains us to hear that the back cover is going to make the device even larger now.

The T-Mobile G1 currently has a 1150mAh battery which will more than likely be replaced with a 1400mAh battery which holds about 20% more charge. T-Mobile G1 owners are suppose to be getting a notice about this within the next few weeks. We have not heard anything confirming this to be true, please let us know if you have received such a notice.

[Via Googleandblog]


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