There have been complaints about the T-Mobile G1 battery life since we first unboxed it and hit the road with it. Well for those of you who are looking to replace the included 1150mAh battery with something that last a bit longer you are now in luck.

Everyone could use a little extra battery life no matter what phone you currently have. Now you can go over to and pick up the Innocell 1400mAh Extended Life Battery, which has just started shipping for $42.95.  Hopefully now users can dig out a few extra hours of battery life out of their T-Mobile G1.

The Innocell 1400mAh Extended Life Battery claims to pack up to 15 percent more juice than that of the standard battery. One of the best features is the battery is the exact same size so there is no need for a modified battery cover that makes the device larger. If anyone decides to go over and grab one please let us know how it works for you. We are in dire need of more battery life.

[Via SeidioonLine]



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