The parent company of T-Mobile USA, Deutsche Telekom, have confirmed that they are indeed looking to buyout and merge MetroPCS with T-Mobile here in the USA. Earlier we heard a few rumors of a possible buyout, but it has now been confirmed that the two companies are engaged in talks regarding a potential acquisition and merger.

According to AllThingsD the rumors of a buyout are actually true, but a statement by DT claimed they’re currently “holding talks” and that there is still “significant issues” that will need to be worked out before any deal can get done.

MetroPCS is a large regional carrier here in the US, mostly for pre-paid and contract-free customers. Given the recent changes to T-Mobiles plans with the failed AT&T merger, LTE rollout next year, and beefing up their networks this is a grab to widen their reach and enhance their offerings here stateside.

The company board has not yet approved the deal, and both groups are set to meet shortly to try and finalize some of the details and “significant issues” that were briefly mentioned above. T-Mobile currently has around 33 million customers and is the 4th largest wireless carrier in the US. Adding MetroPCS and their 9 million prepaid customers would surely grow their numbers. With T-Mobile’s new CEO John Legere ready to get things back on track, this could be the first step. Thoughts?

[via SlashGear]