T-Mobile is teasing us with another video showing just how amazing the 8MP camera will be in their new myTouch 4G Slide. For more pictures of the actual hardware check this out. T-Mobile claims this phone has the “most advanced camera of any smartphone.”

T-Mobile wants you to replace your digital camera with the beastly shooter on the rear of this phone, we wont know if that is a true possibility until we get some hands-on time of our own. For now here is a list of the specs we can expect from the camera alone, not to mention that qwerty keyboard and dual-core 1.2 Ghz processor the phone also has.

-8 MP camera: with 1080p video recording
-Improved low-light Performance: with a backside illuminated sensor and a wide aperture lens (f/2.2)
-Zero shutter lag: innovative software features allow for an instantaneous shot at that precise moment
-SweepShot™: for capturing panoramic shots by sweeping across an entire scene in a single motion
-ClearShot™ HDR: for capturing objects in bright settings so your photos are not affected by high-contrast lighting
-BurstShot™: for capturing multiple photos in a quick burst so you don’t miss the perfect photo

This short video (below) will show all you curious readers what you can expect from the camera on the myTouch 4G Slide, as well as all the options and features they have added into the camera app. Don’t worry though, we will be getting the device soon and will be sure to post our impressions as soon as possible. Recent reports suggest the phone may launch on or around July 27th so we will wait and see.

[via YouTube]