T-Mobile Magenta MAX

T-Mobile has a lot in store for regular subscribers. The company can also possibly attract new customers as it launches a new unlimited plan. This follows last year’s T-Mobile offer of one year free Quibi service for Magenta customers. T-Mobile wants to further up the ante with unlimited offers that don’t offer NO caps at all for both 4G or 5G data. So this may be really a great offer because more often than not, unlimited doesn’t really mean unlimited. There are still restrictions.

But for T-Mobile, it aims to deliver its true unlimited promise especially with the Magenta MAX. This plans offers the following: unlimited voice, unlimited messaging, and unlimited Premium Data (4G and 5G). T-Mobile said your speed will not slow down or throttle at all.

If those offers are not enough, T-Mobile is also adding 40GB of mobile hotspot. After 4GB, you can still take advantage of unlimited 3G-speed tethering.

The T-Mobile Magenta MAX also includes Netflix on Us, Ultra HD 4K unlimited video streaming, and unlimited Gogo in-flight WiFi and texting. For those who always travel to Canada or Mexico, you can use unlimited talk, text, and data and up to 5GB of high-speed data. The plan also includes free data and texting in 210 countries and destinations.

Those are only for the new Magenta MAX plan. The old T-Mobile Magenta plan is being enhanced with 100GB of data from 50GB. Other additions include 3GB to 5GB high-speed mobile hotspot data. The prices are as follows: $40/line for three lines and $70/line per month with autopay. You can sign-up beginning tomorrow, February 24.

For Magenta MAX users, max of three lines with autopay with taxes and fees, is $57 per line per month. For a limited time, it will be on promo for $47 per line per month. One line is $85/month. Two lines will cost you $70 per month for each line.