Welcome yourself to the G2X, or the “T-Mobile G2X with Google by LG” as they like to call it officially. It’s a medium weight phone thats much taller than it is wide, with a brilliant display, a Vanilla flavoring of its Android 2.2 version of the Google mobile os, and you’ll be able to play all your ever-loving high-res videos on it right out of the box in your very favorite format – it’s DivX certified – it says so right there in the info!

It was less than a year ago when users of Android were clamoring, or at least digging around in the guts of the system looking for the ability to play DivX files on their device. Why is it that devices don’t all come with a perfectly expansive list of fill formats it can handle? Why hasn’t every single Android phone since this beginning of this happy go lucky trip been able to work with AVI files and DivX? Well that’s a question for the ages as well. This phone will be launching this spring, 2011, so get to downloading your files again, or put those ol’ DivX dvd stacks in and re-rip em for lots of little screen viewing.

Good times in waiting for this sweet day!

Take a peek at our full T-Mobile LG G2X Hands-On and see what the whole awesome party is about, and check out that gallery for some sweet shots. Also NOTE that we originally had a different video in that post, but had to go back and get a new one once we were informed by a very helpful tipster by the name of “Rick the Androidinator” and yes, he did want to be called that.*

*Remind me to tell you all how helpful you’ve been through this particular show week specifically in coming up to us in person to provide tips on where and what we really ought to be seeing. We love you, Android Community, you’re the one’s that are making this place great!