We’ve just learned that a few invites are going around to join what appears to be an after-party of the Google Music event set for Wednesday. As if the title “These Go to Eleven” from Spinal Tap didn’t give anything away, the invite from T-Mobile does. Mentioning live performances from Drake, Maroon 5, Busta Rhymes and more. If you weren’t convinced this was a musical event, you should be now.

This instantly makes me wonder a few things. Why would T-Mobile be so involved with a Google Music event, wouldn’t that be all Google? Unless maybe they are pushing it to T-Mobile devices first but I can’t see that happening when this should be a Android wide release. Google did this with Google Wallet, so it’s possible, but doubtful. Second if you look the event is actually being pushed by BNC and not T-Mobile. I was immediately hoping that Google would announce their new Google Music Store that we saw earlier today, and then T-Mobile would pop on stage and show off the T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus. Sadly that doesn’t appear to be the case. We can dream right?

While many are thinking we may see some sort of product announcement from T-Mobile, I don’t think this is the case. Instead T-Mobile appears to be sponsoring the after party. Either way we now know this is indeed an event all about music and the Google Music Store is about to get very real. Stay tuned for more details as we’ll have all the information as the event unfolds.