T-Mobile is making more Un-Carrier moves. The company is very much aggressive these days with all the deals and promos being announced to the excitement of the loyal subscribers. We all know T-Mobile’s commitment to bring the best to the consumers and give them a new option to get more content at a lower cost as much as possible. T-Mobile has been receiving a number of criticisms but it is gaining more praises for its latest offers like Binge On.

And because of all the good news, the mobile carrier is introducing once again the 10GB and Unlimited LTE plans. These are offered for a limited time only so you’d better hurry before promo is over. With these special plans, you can get new phones with Family Match and even get the 4th line free if you are getting more.

Avail of four Unlimited LTE lines for only $150. You can even get more if you want for an additional $30 for each line monthly. You can only get a maximum of 12 lines per family or business. Another offer includes two lines for only $100 but with only 10GB per line. That or this promo where you can get four lines with 10GB limit each for only $120/month.

As usual, CEO of T-Mobile John Legere is proud of and excited about this new offering. He noted that more people ever can now ride America’s fastest 4G LTE network–something that OpenSignal recently reported.

This Family Match deal allows families to get more data while saving more money. This service is popular among the Simple Choice customers. You can avail any of the plans mentioned at T-Mobile’s website, in some partner dealers, and T-Mobile stores. You can also just call T-Mobile at 1.877.413.5903.

Family Match is proof that it is possible to still deliver unlimited data plan. Unlike Verizon who just said there would be no more unlimited data plan from the mobile carrier.

SOURCE: T-Mobile