We live in this day and age when tech products and services are slowly saturating the mobile market. The industry is here to stay so companies are called to compete by introducing new things with faster services, better customer service, and more affordable deals. While smartphone makers are rushing to include high specs in inexpensive devices, carriers are being challenged to launch the best mobile and data plans and faster mobile Internet connectivity.

Just recently, T-Mobile announced the 4G LTE Mini Tower after bringing back the #10Gigs4All for a limited time and expanding worlwide coverage. The Lifetime Coverage guarantee was also recently introduced. For its latest Un-carrier move, T-Mobile is bringing “Binge On”. It’s the latest plan that will enhance subscribers’ mobile entertainment experience.

Free video streaming from T-Mobile can be enjoyed by subscribers. If you’re a fan of Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, ESPN, STARZ, and SHOWTIME, you’d be happy to know that these services can be streamed for free. No need to worry about racking up huge data charges because mobile video streaming is free for Simple Choice users. It will not use up 4G LTE data.

The Simple Choice plan has been upgraded with double data for each level. High-speed data is now twice as fast for families or anyone who trusts this 4G LTE network. As usual, CEO John Legere is enthusiastic about this “massive” Un-carrier movement. Unlimited streaming from more than 20 services is possible with ‘Binge-On’ as another T-Mobile exclusive.

Here’s a rundown of other video services that can be enjoyed with Binge On (in alphabetical order, as listed by T-Mobile): Crackle, Encore, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Go, HBO Now, HBO Go, Hulu, MLB, Movieplex, NBC Sports, Netflix, Sling TV, Sling Box, SHOWTIME, STARZ, T-Mobile TV, Univision Deportes, Ustream, Vessel, Vevo, and VUD.

So it’s free and unlimited but what’s the catch? Resolution will be dropped to 480+. Don’t expect to watch videos in Full HD glory. I guess that’s fine since mobile screens are small. This free streaming will also need to be activated. T-Mobile said you have to agree to “optimization” first. This issue here may not be a problem for most people since we all just want to catch up on our shows. Who cares if its not hi-res? As long as it’s free and can be accessed anywhere, we’re good with Binge On.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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