T-Mobile hopes to expand by adding more items to the list of countries included in the Simple Global, Un-carrier 3.0. This development comes soon after the carrier expanded its domestic LTE coverage in the US. Such news is no longer surprising because T-Mobile has been announcing really great news a lot lately that it’s becoming a regular, ordinary occurrence. We’re not complaining and we’re expecting more in the coming weeks.

More Simple Choice postpaid subscribers can now take advantage of low flat-rate calls ($0.20/minute) and unlimited texting and data even outside the US. This can be enjoyed in 145 countries all over the world. This includes ALL of South America and ALL of Europe so you can enjoy this deal almost anywhere in the world.

T-Mobile has reached that number only after two years since its launch and from the initial 115. This particular deal benefits those people who like to travel especially in the more popular destinations in various regions.

T-Mobile’s Simple Global Un-carrier 3.0 allows travellers to have a worry-free vacation because of the more affordable plans and roaming charges. Rates usually get higher once borders are crossed and people usually fear of racking up high phone bills. With Simple Global, you can pay for data that you need at a fixed rate.

T-Mobile has provided an example of how much it can cost you if you avail of this Simple Global plan on a “week long business trip” to London, Lisbon, and the Bahamas. 

tmobile simple

Hopefully, this will give you an idea how T-Mobile is a better choice compared to other wireless companies:

simple global

Right now, T-Mobile boasts of offering the cheapest plan to date at less than a hundred dollars while it can cost you more (over a $1,000!) on other mobile carriers like AT&T and Verizon.

Mobile without Borders

T-Mobile also offers the “Mobile without Borders” deal that brings unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico from the United States for free. Or when you’re in Canada or Mexico, you can enjoy unlimited calling/texting and 4G LTE data at no extra cost.

T-Mobile has a complete list of all countries HERE where unlimited international data coverage under Simple Choice Plan can be available at no additional costs. See if your country is included in the following regions: Africa & Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, South and Central America, and of course, North America and the Carribbean.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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