T-Mobile updated the HTC One S towards the end of April and it looks like another update has recently arrived. This latest is a small update, but one that may be considered very important for those who are having battery related issues. Simply put, this latest update deals with one item and that item just so happens to be battery life improvements.

The update is available as of June 25th and will be pushed to devices over the course of the next few days. T-Mobile has said the update will be pushed through June 28th. This is considered to be a mandatory update and will have your handset sitting at Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with software version 3.14.531.17 710RD.

At this point we suggest HTC One S users with T-Mobile keep an eye out for an update notification, which assuming the timeline holds, should be arriving fairly soon. Otherwise, these is also the option to take the proactive approach. In this case users can grab their handset and navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> Software updates -> Check now to try and get the process started.

While we suspect few will take this last approach, T-Mobile has said the update will also be available (over USB) by way of the HTC website. T-Mobile has also said users should have at least 50 percent battery life before getting started with the update process and that their handset cannot be rooted and will need to be running 3.14.531.11 710RD.

For those with an HTC One S, we would love to hear all about your battery woes — both about the before and the after, which will hopefully bring some real improvements.

SOURCE: T-Mobile