We have yet to see anything from T-Mobile on the official HTC One S software update page about the Jelly Bean update being ready, however we are seeing reports coming from those with a device in their hands. We still need the official word from the carrier, however if you are carrying a T-Mobile branded HTC One S — you may want to check for an update.

To do that, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About phone – Software updates -> Check now to try and get the process started. Otherwise, those with a bit more patience can sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive. Regardless of the route you choose the end result will be the same, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. As such, one of the new features will be the improved notifications.

With Jelly Bean the notifications will be expandable and actionable. Simply put, you will be able to pinch-out to expand to see more as well as take actions such as deleting an email message. These improved notifications also show more detail which will help on items such as text and picture messages — here you will see the entire message and entire image. Jelly Bean will also bring Google Now.

Aside from what Jelly Bean will bring, this update will bump your handset to software version 3.14.531.11. The update measures in at roughly 675MB in size, which according to the system update notification, will need to be downloaded using a Wi-Fi connection. Bottom line here, if you are rocking an HTC One S with T-Mobile you will soon be running Jelly Bean.

[via T-Mobile]

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