The HTC One page on the T-Mobile website hasn’t shown anything new for some time now. In fact, it seems to be showing less these days. Gone are the pre-orders and gone is the mention of getting a $100 credit for participating in the HTC One trade-up program. While we had known the AT&T and Developer Edition of the HTC One was set to begin shipping on April 19 — we now have a date for T-Mobile.

The catch here, we have yet to hear anything direct from the carrier. Instead, the details are coming by way of Best Buy, who also also happen to still be accepting pre-orders for the handset. Anyway, that date is April 19, the same as with AT&T. Best Buy has the T-Mobile branded HTC One priced at $249.99, which will mean a two-year agreement. The full retail price is listed as being $699.99.

Basically, with the exception of Verizon Wireless, the HTC One will be available here in the US on April 19. The decision as to which Android handset to purchase next may be a bit easier for those with Big Red, they will have the GALAXY S 4. Those choosing another carrier, say T-Mobile or AT&T will have a decision to make. The GALAXY S 4 is expected in the not-to-distant future, however the one big item we are still missing on that is the reviews.

Time will tell how well the GALAXY S 4 stacks up in a review, however we can say the HTC One has been doing rather well. Those looking to do a bit more research may benefit from reading the HTC One review we posted a short while back. And on top of that, the AT&T HTC One review dropped earlier today. So how about it, anyone considering the purchase of an HTC One with T-Mobile? If so, just remember that if you want those new UNcarrier plans, you will need to shop direct with T-Mobile.

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