The last we heard on the HTC One was that it is expected to arrive for sale in the US before the end of April. And well, despite still having a few weeks of waiting, it looks like the carriers and retailers have begun announcing some deals. Or more specifically in the case of the HTC One, some extra incentives. Up today we have information of extras coming for those who purchase the One with T-Mobile or with Radio Shack.

Up first is the T-Mobile offer. Those who purchase the One smartphone with T-Mobile will get a free car dock. T-Mobile notes this as a web-only offer and is also quick to mention the offer is available “while supplies last.” In addition to the car dock, the T-Mobile offer is also sharing in with the $100 offer from HTC. This portion does involve a time cut-off though.

Potential buyers looking to take advantage of the $100 will need to register before April 4, purchase the HTC One before April 26 and then trade in your current (working) smartphone before May 31. I guess this also offers a nice hint as to the availability timeframe for the HTC One (at least with T-Mobile).

T-Mobile offer aside, Radio Shack has an incentive of their own. The Radio Shack offer is good for those purchasing an HTC One with the Now Network. It is also an offer we have seen from Radio Shack in the past. Basically, those who move forward with this offer can expect to pay $199.99 for the HTC One (on a two-year agreement) and get a $10 Radio Shack coupon along with a $50 Google Play Store credit.

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      • Him and his Samsung buddies have gotten worst then the iSheep trolls, they’ve actually managed to make them tolerable now. He’s just threatened by a premium quality phone and trying to forget the fact that Samsung is one of the only companies that still sells cheap plastic “flagship” devices in 2013.

        But of course they’ll turn around and claim it’s the software that matters most and Samsung has crammed the most features into their phones, but they forget that almost everyone of those “features” are just Samsung branded apps from the play store that any phone can do.

      • I love this…. so much! How’s HTC doing with that whole “premium metal” argument? Selling One X’s and the sort by the boatload, right? Oh wait, they sold LESS phones than Nokia did last year, NOKIA!!! Samsung and their “cheap plastic” is the leader, so learn to live with it or sound like a sorry loser whining…… and tell me, by name, which apps on the Play store compare to which Samsung integrated apps on Touchwiz, this should be interesting!

        There’s nothing wrong with the One, unless you enjoy everything we’ve come to love about real Android phones, like removable batteries and MicroSD card slots – but then again, the people that hate those sort of things should get grouped together, shouldn’t they iSheep / HTC fanboys?

      • Again, your comparing old models in an attempt to slam what’s out today. Then you keep trying to claim it’s due to its “metal” body, while the phone you keep referring to (One X) has a polycarbonate shell, not an aluminium body like the One has. You need to get your facts straight first.

      • You’re extremely misinformed, The One X isn’t a metal phone.. it has a polycarbonate shell. The One however is all aluminium, in which case the phone hasn’t even went on sale in most markets yet. So comparing sales is idiotic. Comparing old models to today’s is even more idiotic, otherwise we’d have Apple fans saying how the earlier iPhones outsold every device on the market..

        As for removable batteries, you don’t need “big” batteries or even removable batteries if your device is optimized. Which the iPhone proves with their small non removable 1400mAh batteries that gets over a days usage. As for storage, how much is enough for you? You don’t need expandable storage when you already have 32/64 Gb already, and if you did, join the modern world of cloud storage.

      • When you spend more money on marketing than the actual phone what do you expect. Just because it sells more doesn’t mean it’s better. Just means they can market it better for clowns like you. And your argument on Android representing removable batteries and micro sd makes me laugh. Because Google you know the creator of android says micro sd just slows your phone down and has made it a standard on all their nexus to not have removable batteries or micro sd. Seeing that the Nexus is as true to Android as you can get, I’d say you are completely wrong. If anyone is the fan boy here it is clearly you.

      • hahaha, the butt-hurt HTC fans like you are only going to get more annoying when the S4 sells more in the first week than the One will sell in it’s lifecycle…. keep up the insults, they really hurt over the internet!

  1. the plastic v. metal doesnt make sense to me sense you will have or most likely have a case on the phone. i will have to wait untill both phones come out and i can personally hold both before i decide between the s4 and the one.


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