The Android 4.3 HTC One update has been rolling out for those in the US recently. The update has already arrived for those carrying an AT&T branded handset and was later confirmed for those with C Spire. We are still waiting on an official word for Verizon, however it looks like the update is just about ready to arrive for those with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has yet to post a full changelog, which means the specifics are still needed, however at this time we do have word from Jason Mackenzie. For those unfamiliar, Mackenzie is the President of HTC America and he has also been the source of most of these Android 4.3 HTC One update announcements.

Anyway, according to what was shared, T-Mobile will have the Android 4.3 update rolling out for One users by the middle of the week. Or in other words, those rocking a T-Mobile branded HTC One can obsessively begin checking for the update notification sometime on Wednesday.

That means grabbing your handset and navigating to Settings -> About -> Software updates -> Check now to try and get the process started. Otherwise, you could also take the casual approach and simply wait for an update notification to arrive on your handset.

While we wait for word from Verizon Wireless, we do look back to previous comments coming from HTC. While not offering specifics in terms of dates, they had previously said all major US carriers would have the 4.3 update before the end of October. Assuming that timeline holds up, Verizon users shouldn’t have that much longer to wait.