Despite seeing an earlier timeline that had the T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update arriving mid-week, it looks like users still have a few days of waiting left. As we had been seeing, this latest status update comes by way of President of HTC America Jason Mackenzie. In this case, Mackenzie has begun responding to upset T-Mobile One users on Twitter.

A previous update had told users to look for the rollout to begin mid-week. Well, as mid-week has passed two days ago, it now looks like users have two more days of waiting. Mackenzie has said the update will begin rolling out on Monday. There hasn’t been anything specific given as to why this was delayed.

Instead there were a few general comments from Mackenzie such as how this was unexpected and the delay was “out of our [their] control.” Regardless, Android 4.3 will soon be available for T-Mobile HTC One users. And in addition to the news of delay, there was a brief tease of Kit Kat.

Granted, it is a bit early to start thinking about an Android 4.4 update, but when asked, Mackenzie simply said “stay tuned.” Not the best answer and it certainly leaves a lot of room for speculation, but on the flip side, it is better than a straight no. Now how about we hope the 4.3 rolls out as expected and doesn’t suffer from any additional (and unexpected) delays.