The HTC G2 is ready for some tasty Gingerbread this morning too. Its bigger brother the G2x saw Gingerbread leak just this morning and now the G2 wants in on the party. If you don’t want to wait for an official over the air update it is available now over on T-Mobile support forums.

With this also officially hitting support forums the OTA update is most likely headed to handsets very soon, but we know plenty of you wont want to wait. Last we heard multiple G2 warranty replacement phones were shipped with 2.3 Gingerbread and my sources are indeed saying this is the same build so most likely this is the official real deal.

As to be expected you WILL lose root, we are not sure how hard root will be to get back given how long the G2 originally took to be rooted so if you’d rather wait for the development community to check it out that isn’t a bad idea for those in need. We are also hearing reports of the phone randomly vibrating as well as some issues with the backlights on the hardware keyboard. Feel free to reply in the comment section below with any issues if you give this a try.

If you like living on the edge and want to update yourself here is the link: T-Mobile G2 Support Forum

[via Android Police]

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