Android Community has just been invited to an event that will see the launch of the first Android powered T-Mobile smartphone.  The press conference will be on September 23rd at 10:30AM EDT and we’ll be Live Blogging the whole event, together with bringing you hands-on photos of the new Android device from a live product demonstration.

The cellphone we expect to see officially unveiled is HTC’s Dream, which is believed to be branded the T-Mobile G1.  The September 23rd event ties in with the previously leaked suggestion that the carrier would be announcing their Android handset on this date, with availability by the end of October.

Both T-Mobile and Google executives will be presenting the G1, and we’ll have all the details as they happen.  The Live Blog address is so join us on September 23rd!

Sept 16, 2008 -Vincent Nguyen

It’s the turn of the New York Times to report on the T-Mobile Android rumor, and while it’s unclear if they have their own sources or are merely repeating the story from earlier this week, they do confirm that T-Mobile, Google and HTC are hoping to have the Dream smartphone out before Christmas.  According to the NYT piece, “people briefed on the discussions” who “declined to be named because they were not authorized to discuss the project” say that the current bottleneck is FCC approval; once that happens, they are aiming for a September announcement with actual availability as early as October.

Other sources say that the T-Mobile HTC Dream will be the only Android-based cellphone on the market in 2008, which would point to a successful quarter for HTC and a straightforward marketing campaign for Google.  There’s no word on when Sprint – who have confirmed an Android handset is on their roadmap – will release their own version, and whether it will be based on the Dream or otherwise.


The NYT showed the recent video purporting to be of the HTC Dream to a person familiar with the upcoming device.  They said that the two handsets matched.


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