T-Mobile announced today their intent to disrupt your tablet woes. Starting today, all tablets with cellular connectivity will get 200MB of free data from T-Mobile. That’s right, all T-Mobile customers with 3G or better tablets — purchased via T-Mobile or not — will enjoy free data service for as long as you own your device.

Customers will get 200MB of data per month free, which is good enough for checking a few emails and making changes to a Drive document on the go. Additionally, T-Mobile is announcing that, as they did with smartphones, all tablets sold in one of their stores will be zero down, and adhere to the monthly payment option smartphones have.

Additionally, T-Mobile notes that any tablet owner who wishes to add a Simple Choice 100 or better plan will get the same data courtesies their smartphone has. The Simple Choice plans now come with worldwide data, and no roaming, which T-Mobile says now makes their network “larger than AT&T’s and Verizon’s combined”.

T-Mobile data plans offer a very attractive option for those who want or need to be connected for more than 200MB monthly. There are daily, weekly, and of course monthly packages to keep you connected when you need it. For just $10, the weekly pass gives you 1GB of T-Mobile’s fastest service, and the daily pass is $5/day for 500MB data.

Many customers shy away from tablets with cellular connectivity for the very reason T-Mobile is addressing today: it gets expensive. Tablets are not as centric to our lives as smartphones, and many users don’t see a need for cellular connectivity. By offering free data, and very low rates on a tirelessly flexible schedule, T-Mobile is making it clear that tablets should go where you do, and you should be able to use them as you see fit. We couldn’t agree more.