Several reports are suggesting T-Mobile will begin offering data without roaming charges for 100 countries. The third phase of the Uncarrier model T-Mobile promotes so heavily is said to essentially eliminate data roaming across much of the globe.

According to iOS site iMore, you’ll need a postpaid Simple Choice Plan. Starting at $50/month, the potential savings for travellers is huge. For those in the US, it means travelling to see family just over the borders may end up being a lot less costly.

T-Mobile’s current — and soon former, we hope — charges on international roaming were costly. Like other carriers, the pricing would run upward of $15 per MB. Considering the amount of background operations we have on our devices, it can really add up.

With international superstar Shakira helping out, and a “Don’t miss it for the world” teaser, we’re prone to believe the hype on this one. Great news for travellers, but we hope that’s not all tonight’s event holds for T-Mobile customers.


UPDATE: The Verge is reporting that the above information on data roaming is accurate, and texting will also be included at no charge. The service will be available free for all Simple Choice plans. While T-Mobile didn’t disclose whether or not users would be able to enjoy the same service they get at home, T-Mobile is offering daily and weekly packages to those who wish to have the highest speeds possible.

Additionally, users in the US who contact countries which offer a Simple Choice plan will be able to make lower cost calls to mobile devices. It will be $0.20/minute for mobile to mobile calls, and free for calls to landlines in over 70 countries. Texting is free, provided you’re doing so from the US. The add-on is $10/month for Simple Choice plan users.

Additionally, T-Mobile is noting they now have nationwide LTE coverage. With service in 233 metro areas, T-Mobile says they service over 200 million subscribers. A far cry from the Verizon LTE juggernaut, but great for T-Mobile subscribers.