What you’re about to see is a few benchmarks, all of them conducted on the browser-based JavaScript benchmark system SunSpider. Inside the post I’ll explain a bit better what SunSpider is for everyone who hasn’t seen it before, but what you need to know from here is that we’re testing both the stock browser and the newest version of Firefox (4) for Android. What you’re going to see is the T-Mobile G2x by LG, the HTC ThunderBolt running on Verizon’s LTE network, and the ATRIX 4G running on AT&T’s HSPA+ network.

What SunSpider does is sets up a group of JavaScript performance tasks which show how well your web browser handles real world tasks on your particular device. What that means essentially is it shows how well your device is going to use the internet inside a given browser on a daily basis. SunSpider is accepted by browser developers as an accurate test because it performs each of its tests multiple times and grabs what SunSpider claims is a 95% confidence interval. The lower the score you get, the better.

Here’s all the scores listed first, then the images all spread out:
Stock: 4241.5ms
Firefox: 1842.2ms

HTC ThunderBolt
Stock: 5977.8ms
Firefox: 2685.9ms

LG G2x
Stock: 4414.9ms
Firefox: 1847.2ms

And just for fun, since it’s not final build, HTC Sensation
Stock: 4568.0ms

ATRIX 4G Stock

ATRIX 4G Firefox

ThunderBolt Stock

ThunderBolt Firefox

G2x Stock

G2x Firefox

HTC Sensation Stock [PRE-FINAL BUILD]


  1. ummm…I just did this on my unmodified origional G2, and got 6823.7m/s
    So I guess this means that the next generation Snapdragon processor, the Scorpion, is more powerful than dual core?

    • Lower is better….its not m/s (aka speed in terms of travel) but rather ms (milliseconds) in terms of time. Lower the time it takes to do the computation and load the page, the better.

    • lower is better. you want to get through those tasks faster. also try it on different browsers and you’ll get different numbers because each browser is better or worse at accomplishing these javascript tasks

    • yes the G2x is for sure getting CM. it’s already about 90% Complete and will have nightly’s probably opening week after the 20th when the G2x goes live.

      and it should work on both 4G’s from what I understand. (I bought one, be here monday)

      • I checked alot of places but its not available without contract.. do you where can i snatch one without contract.. its soo cheap for a on contract version. plus if i get it on at&t will it work? or is it locked to tmobile?

      • From what I’ve read elsewhere, it looks like it should be theoretically possible to use this phone with ATT’s HSPA+ bands, but I have no confirmation of anyone getting it to actually work.


        That link is to a thread that answers your unlock question, and will hopefully have info about getting the phone working with ATT.

        As for finding it to buy w/o a contract…T-Mobile usually isn’t that bad on that (in fact their best plans require it). So don’t know why you’re having a problem finding it w/o a contract.


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