In the following post we’ve got a few benchmarks, one of them not quite entirely ready for dual-core (Quadrant Advanced,) and a couple that are. What you’re going to find is that this T-Mobile G2x is a beast and can chew up and spit out basically any other smartphone you’re going to be able to throw at it. Have a look and notice the other veeery similarly titled phone that’s in contention with this one.

We’re using two tests here besides Quadrant, which even unoptimized for dual-core shows a fairly decent score. The other two tests are MANDRO Bench and Smartbench 2011, both of which show the TRUE power of the force. The great thing about Smartbench 2011 is that it can actually handle up to quad-core systems by natively using 4 threads for CPU-related test. What it reports are two scores: productivity and games. As you run the test, the results are automatically submitted to the general public via Smartbench’s website. As you can see, G2x is doing very well for itself.

Next is MANDRO bench which, interestingly enough, shows you what you’d get with a single core on your device vs what you’re getting with dual core, then shows how well you’re doing compared to the rest of its stored dual-core scores. We’ve done its Comprehensive Benchmark option here, it therefor running all of its tests 5 times, the scores averaged to get what it considers a fair result. Go go LG!

BONUS: actually should have done this in the first place – Linpack:


  1. pretty bad.

    Dead on Arrival.

    Phone is pointless to buy since Tmobile is getting devoured and it has half the ram and memory storage as the S2

    Anyone who buys this is a fool.

    Just wait 2 more months and buy a much better phone

  2. woah! nice benchmark scores. Not the highest out of all the dual cores but still quite HIGH, and what matter is real world performance anyways.

  3. i think it will have dual radios just in case tmo gets bought out by att. but if this had a kb….id be at tmo. oh is the ffc?

  4. I noticed that Mandro Bench can give wildly varying results. First time I rant it on my G2x, it worked like this article describes. Then it started showing no improvement (with dual-core) in the integer test, and sometimes no improvement at all. I wrote the author of the app, but he has not tried it on a G2x. Anyone else see this variability?


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