So you want a fast phone, yes? You’ve got a fancy fabulous G2 in your hands and you want to see how far it can truly clock, perhaps? I think ye do, of COURSE ye do. You like to live on the wild side, and you want to see your phone clock in at 1.9Ghz and attain the lovely 2700+ mark in Quadrant. XDA forum member Flippy125 did it, and now so can you! But don’t, of course, because more than likely most people trying it will fry their phone into oblivion. But if you don’t think you’re going to be one of those people, do read on!

Mister Flippy125 has finished the kernel with his G2 and needs some feedback from you, the user. The process in getting to this point is not for people new to Android or new to doing such a thing to their phone, so the usual is not supplied by Flippy125. As you enter the thread, you’re given the choice of working with 1.8Ghz (stable for most) and 1.9Ghz zImages. Choose your fate! Find all this and more in the XDA thread.

[Via XDA Developers Forum]


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