That’s right, the phone that yours truly holds in his heart as one of the all-time greatest Android experiences will be grabbing a bit of the ol’ cookie inside the second quarter of this year. News comes in from over at ComputerWorld where JR Raphael reports he’s been speaking with an official HTC representative who’s tipped him off on the real-deal upgrade. Now we’ve just got to wait for Ice Cream, right?

Last time we spoke of this lovely combination of device and loving guts, it was a ROM which provided many of the better Android 2.3 Gingerbread bits inside – take a peek at that update back here. This Gingerbread update comes alongside news that the Desire Z, aka the Euro version of the G2, is also on track to get the upgrade inside the same timeframe.

Take a look way back at our original T-Mobile G2 review for all the ever-loving love and hate your heart could ever desire on this device in its original form. It’s a doozie, and certainly still a viable option for your nearby purchasing right here, right now, today. Best keyboard yet.

[via ComputerWorld]