As more and more phones get some tasty Gingerbread, Rom developers are busy doing everything they can to make sure everyone gets a taste. Over at VillainROM forums a dev by the name of HomerSp has put together some SenseGinger for all you HTC Vision owners, (aka the Desire Z or T-Mobile G2). This is a purely stock ROM of Gingerbread, with HTC’s Sense UI both at the same time. HomerSp and VillainRom’s are proud to present the first Sense UI Gingerbread ROM for the Vision.

The rom developer does give credit to a few others. He mentions the rom is a merge of the Huashan leak and the Wildfire S leak (credits to 911sniper for both), which means that it includes not most, but all of the HTC Sense goodies. As always with a new ROM, the possibility of everything working 100% might be small. This was just released and it is v1.0 it is still very much a Work In Progress and will only get better. Most of the things you’ll need for a day to day device are working fine, but here is a list of a few things that aren’t.

Known issues:
* Camcorder hangs when pressing record
* Bluetooth does not work
* HTC Hub fails to log in
* The “card” mail widget does not work
* Landscape mode in Sense is bugged (thanks to HTC for this), I would advice against using this too often
* Question mark doesn’t work on hardware keyboard

Nothing to serious is broken so looking over this rom I’m thinking it will be fairly seamless and smooth for most users.

Install instructions:
To flash this ROM, you will NEED to have ClockworkMod 3.0 installed, which manages EXT4 partitions.

1. Download ClockworkMod 3.0 from here
2. Boot the phone into Fastboot mode by holding Volume Down and pressing power
3. From terminal/command prompt, type:
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
4. Boot into recovery (adb reboot recovery … or Hold camera and press power)
6. Install Zip from SD Card, and select

As always with flashing a new ROM or any zip, Do a Nandroid Backup before just to be safe, and remember anything you flash is at you, the owners own risk. Now flash that Sense rom and Enjoy it! If you would like some Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your HTC Vision / G2 but would prefer some stock vanilla Android. Stop by our CyanogenMod 7 RC2 story and scroll to the bottom for links to download and install CM7 Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread on your Vision.

[via VillainROM]