Just the other day we reported that two finger presses were recorded on the T-mobile G1, by a user that goes by the name RyeBrye. Well he decided to make a video to prove his findings for us. The video very clearly shows the two separate traces at the same time.

We are still asking why in the world would Google leave out multi-touch in the T-Mobile G1? They are taking a huge function away from Android users giving the iPhone the upper hand. We certainly hope that Google left it out because it had not been developed yet, with the thought that it would eventually be brought to G1 owners.

The next question is where do we go from here? Clearly there will be many developers that will take advantage of this “hidden feature” and try to further develop the technology. One thing that we believe is a must have is multi-touch browsers integration. While these ideas may be a ways off, it shows great promise for the development of Android and the G1.



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