Oh boy am I so very mad! It seems that T-Mo News has attained a cursed T-Mobile G-Slate from the black market to show the world saying that they’ve found it at a T-Mobile store, one of many that are receiving both the tablet and a slew of accessories like a pair of red and blue 3D glasses – the kind that they guy on Back to the Future wears! What a wacky combination! They’re saying also that they believe that this and two more magical devices, (both of which we may well have on our single desk, of course,) will all be out on April 20th!

Or perhaps it’s not evil! Point is, looks like this device somas in as simple a box as the Motorola XOOM tablet, which just incase you don’t know by now, we’re giving away three of right this second. This means you’re going to win a XOOM before the T-Mobile LG G-Slate comes out – do it! Win the crap out of some XOOM tablets right over [here]

Then since you love the big three so much, note that this photo set comes with a few more cases for the G-Slate, one or two for the Sidekick, and at least one screen protector for the G2x. Want to know if you’re going to need them? Prepare yourself for our reviews of these objects while you check out the unboxings:
T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Hands-On and Unboxing [Video]
T-Mobile G2x Hands-0n and Unboxing [Video]

[via T-Mo News]