The T-Mobile G-slate has made a small appearance, today we have a video slightly under about 3 minutes that goes over tons of features and gets you a first hand look into the new T-Mobile G-Slate. The LG girl courtesy of YouTube is one of the lucky people that has their very own G-Slate to love and enjoy. She goes through UI, Map, 3D video capture and more.

For those wanting to see a little more about the G-slate before watching the video below you can check out a few videos we have. Here is our sister site Slashgear with the G-Slate, here is also some G-Slate pricing. Last I have this wacky video of someone else that was lucky enough to handle the Android 3.0 Honeycomb slate a little early also.

We all should hopefully know plenty by now about this Android 3.0 Tablet with a 8.9″ screen, Dual camera’s on the rear for some 3D Video, front camera, and all the usual goodies like a dual core Tegra 2 processor. So I’ll just skip right to the good stuff, other than this Twitter post, Check out the video below, and notice the dock pins, it sure has a lot of them vs the 2 on the Xoom.


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