Motorola‘s first, and so far only, smartwatch seems to be in full swing. Just after AT&T announced the availability of the Moto 360 starting this week, along with a discount when bought with the new Moto X. T-Mobile is now also chiming in. Yes, the smartwatch will be available from the carrier’s catalog, but it will take a few more days for it to land, with availability starting next week on the 12th.

The Moto 360 caught the tech world’s interest and imagination by being the first Android Wear smartwatch to sport a circular shape. Of course, now it shares that category with the LG G Watch R, soon also available from AT&T, but the Moto 360 still enjoys the distinction of being comparatively smaller and classier looking, plus with an ambient light sensor to boot. There’s also wireless charging to keep you tangle free. The only minor setback is that it doesn’t make full use of the display, since part of it is occluded by the display driver’s housing.

T-Mobile has not yet revealed any other detail about its Moto 360 offering other than it will be arriving Wednesday next week. Of course, the price tag will remain unchanged at $249.99 but it remains to be seen if there will be other offers available. You can expect T-Mobile to have some special promo to mark the launch, though it is unlikely to offer a bundle with the new Moto X, since that smartphone hasn’t reached the carrier just yet.

There are, of course, other ways to get your hands, or wrists, on a Moto 360. Google Play Store offers it without the hassles of going through carrier but, quite unfortunately, it is out of stock. AT&T will start selling the smartwatch on Friday and, for a limited time, will be selling it for only $199 if and only if you buy it together with a $526.99, or $99 with a two-year contract, new Moto X.