T-Mobile and Google have been working together to bring more exclusive offers to the former’s subscribers including smartphones and software from the latter. Their latest collaboration is to bring an exclusive Google One tier that’s available only for the carrier’s customers. Starting October 12, subscribers can get a 500GB Google One tier that’s not available to everyone at just $5.99. The 2TB tier at $9.99 will also be available for T-Mobile but that’s something that the general public can subscribe to.

This 500GB plan sits right between the 200GB and 2TB plans that are currently available for everyone. This one though will only be accessible to T-Mobile subscribers. Aside from the extra space in their cloud storage, they also get a 10% cashback that they can use at the Google Store. This is a perk that is normally available for only those that are on the 2TB and above tiers. Another perk is a VPN service but it’s not mentioned if it will be available for the T-Mobile exclusive so it’s probably not.

T-Mobile customers will be able to add the Google One subscription to their account billing so that’s another advantage to getting this one rather than straight to Google. The $10 2TB plan can also be charged to the cellular service bill even though it’s not exclusive. Having extra cloud storage space apart from the free 15GB that Google gives its users is pretty important if you’re deep into the ecosystem. This includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and the various Google Docs.

Just last month, Google added a 5TB tier for Google One which bridges the pretty wide gap between the 2TB and 10TB plans. There’s nothing sitting between 200GB and 2TB as well so this T-Mobile exclusive is pretty nifty. However, if you really think about it, the savings aren’t really the best deal since you can get 4x the storage of this plan at just twice the cost if you subscribe to the 2TB plan instead.

In any case, if you’re just willing to spend $5 a month, you will be able to start signing up for the Google One 500GB tier if you’re a T-Mobile postpaid subscriber. Sprint users who have not migrated to T-Mobile just yet can also sign up for this.


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