Google One is Google’s subscription plan for extra cloud storage plan and users have several options for when they want to upgrade. But there seems to be a gap between the 2TB storage plan and the 10TB one, the latter of which may be a bit too much for some. Well, Google has quietly released a new cloud storage tier to fill in that gap with a new 5TB option. This can come in handy for those who upload a lot of photos and videos on Google Photos, since we don’t have unlimited storage anymore.

The Google One cloud storage options are pretty uneven. You have 100GB, 200GB, and then it jumps straight to 2TB. But your next option that is even more steep as the next tier is already 10TB which can be a bit too much for users looking for something more than 2TB. And of course the price jump is pretty steep as well since 2TB is at $9.99/month while 10TB is already at $49.99/month. The good news is now we have something a little bit in between.

Without any fanfare, users suddenly found a new option in the Google One cloud subscription tiers. The 5GB option bridges the gap in between the huge leap in TBs from the previously existing plans. At $24.99 per month or $249.99 if you pay annually, it’s also a bit more affordable than immediately jumping to 10TB. Well, if eventually you need even more than that, there are still 20TB and 30TB options but that will require more investment.

Just like the 2TB plan, those who sign up for the 5TB plan will also get other perks aside from increasing the size of their cloud storage. You get 10% in Google Store credit, access to VPN for your Android smartphones, priority Google support, and other perks that come with the higher Google One cloud storage subscriptions. We don’t know if there are plans to add even more tiers but that would be a good idea.

Ever since Google Photos changed their storage rules, basically removing unlimited storage, users who wanted to keep using the photo storage service will eventually be forced to subscribe one way or another. Having more options that is not 10TB directly will be good, at least for those willing to spend a bit more.


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