T-Mobile is at it again with another “promo” that will surely ruffle BlackBerry‘s feathers once more. This time, however, the US carrier is encouraging its BlackBerry-toting subscribers to switch not to an iPhone but to any Samsung smartphone.

In exchange for jumping to a Galaxy S5 or a Galaxy Note 3 or any of Samsung’s other Android devices, T-Mobile will be giving $200 worth of gift cards. But if you are not a fan of the Korean manufacturer’s plastic lineup, you can still avail of a lower $100 trade by switching to any smartphone that isn’t a BlackBerry. Wherever you go, there is something in store as long as you denounce your allegiance to BlackBerry.

This act is sure to fan the flames of enmity between these two companies. T-Mobile fired the opening salvo in February when it tried to subtly suggest BlackBerry users to jump ship and switch to an iPhone. This, naturally, did not sit well with BlackBerry who, after a tirade against T-Mobile, cut its ties with the carrier by not renewing its licensing agreement. T-Mobile CEO John Legere later issued an open letter to its BlackBerry subscribers trying to appease and at the same time convince them to stay, even if it means giving up their BlackBerry devices.

This latest move is unlikely to make its remaining BlackBerry users happy, but T-Mobile probably more interested in really getting them to switch smartphones anyway. The offer is supposedly available to T-Mobile customer who purchased a BlackBerry unit any time in the past up until April 3 and the offer stands until the end of the year.