Take a peek here as T-Mobile readies a pack of “many” smartphone that’ll be available for purchase under $100USD, and most of them Android phones. Chief Executive Philipp Humm noted in an interview that he recognizes the giants like AT&T and Verizon dominate the high end of the market with devices like the Droid and the iPhone, so he’s gonna go right ahead and take the rest. “We are working with our vendors on this one to drive the price of smartphones down,” says he.

T-Mobile is aiming for what they say is not exclusively the low, end but they’ll offer a range of smartphones including high-end devices as well. So they’re still aiming for the bottom and the top – how about the middle? Humm noted that in November (of 2010) they were having trouble holding on to customers in part because they didn’t have a bit of competition for the iPhone. He also said (this was back a few days ago at CES 2011,) that their subscriber numbers could very likely be affected by Verizon getting the iPhone – that’s true now, and since there’s [a bunch of reasons] why the phone might or might not rock the Android world, we hope for a continued comment on this whole situation soon, soon, soon.

[Via WSJ]