The big question today on the Google side of the mobile world is – what will the iPhone 4, now carried by Verizon, do to Android’s Verizon share? A few things we’ve got to take into account. First and perhaps most importantly – this new Verizon iPhone 4 DOES NOT run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network, instead only running at 3G speeds. How much of a leg-up does this give the oncoming torrent of Android phones?

Next, lets consider the fact that Verizon answered a question about their exclusiveness of contract with Apple – there is none! If this also means that iPhone will be going on different networks like Sprint, should the rest of the 3G phone family be worried as well?

After that, our source at Verizon tells us that the company has told their employees that if they add an iPhone 4 to their employee account, they will blacklist the number from their employee account program – harshness!

This Verizon iPhone 4 comes in white. [UPDATE – this was just another mixup where the item was listed “accidentally”]

This Verizon iPhone 4 does not suffer from “Death Grip” destroying of its connection bars like the AT&T version did (and does.)

Finally, a small but potentially important blow to manufacturers of cases for iPhone (this has become a big industry!) – the ringer switch has been moved to accommodate a change in the antenna! Obviously this is the death of the iPhone altogether! What do you think?

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