Didn’t we just learn about the Spring Break promo from T-Mobile? Now the mobile carrier is announcing its Summer deals. The ultimate Un-carrier is getting ready to offer America the best promos in time for summer vacation for the children and summer break for the adults. The families will greatly benefit from the Family Match deal on T-Mobile Simple Choice. Four lines can be availed, each with unlimited text and data, unlimited talk, and 6GB of Un-carrier Data.

The unli text, call, and data plus 6GB on 4G/LTE features are offered per line for $30 each. That’s for four lines only but if you want to add more to the Family plan, you need to pay $20 for each extra line.

The 6GB for the 4G LTE data is per person. You cannot share the data but it’s worth your money. You can take advantage of the unlimited music and video streaming. No need to worry about extra data on your bill as you are free to use over a hundred media apps like Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora with no extra or over-charges.

This summer deal is offered for a limited time only online at tmobile.com and at all T-Mobile stores. If you are buying a new Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you can get a Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime with prepaid card for free. Promo starts today, May 11 for existing customers and new subscribers.

SOURCE: T-Mobile