Today T-Mobile and Walmart have unveiled a new partnership to offer a pretty great deal for those looking for cheap and reliable 4G service. Announced today and starting come October 16th, users will be able to get into their new $30 unlimited web and text monthly 4G prepaid service plan.

Offering unlimited 4G data with no annual contract for just $30. Although “unlimited” really means 5GB here, that should be enough for most users and we even get unlimited texts too. I like the sound of this T-Mobile. The monthly 4G plan will offer unlimited data and texts, and 100 minutes for users. While 100 minutes might not be a lot and we don’t have 4G LTE here, this is one of the best deals I’ve seen in a while.

One important note is any phone featuring T-Mobiles HSPA+ (4G) network will be able to take advantage of the new $30 unlimited plan (but not offered). So snag a friends old Nexus One, get a G2x used, or even get the upcoming Amaze 4G and enjoy those fast speeds at an unbelievable price and if you start to run out of those 100 minutes, just start texting people. Isn’t that all we do these days anyways — that and social networking?

The offer will start on October 16th and will be available in Walmart stores only. If you were thinking of snagging a no contract 4G plan this is something to consider.