T-Mobile has had their UNcarrier announcement this morning and as we have seen — it included details on LTE devices and LTE coverage as well as plans and even a brief mention of the upcoming advertising campaign. The intent here is to focus on the Android devices with LTE support, but we will mention that the advertising campaign will be western themed.

Anyway, back to the task at hand — the Android devices with LTE support. T-Mobile will have three available, of which only one is available at the moment. In fact, we have yet to get a specific release date for the other two devices just yet. The list includes the HTC One, Samsung GALAXY S 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The Note II is the handset that is available at the moment. Given the new UNcarrier details have shifted away from contracts, the devices will be a bit more than some are used to. The Note II is available with a downpayment of $199.99. Future payments for the Note II then include 24 payments of $20. We should also point out that T-Mobile has recently released an update for the Note II that enables the LTE support. You can get a bit more detail on that update from our earlier post.

Otherwise, the GALAXY S 4 and One are both expected relatively soon. The official word on the HTC One is that it will be “available later this spring.” The GALAXY S 4 is said to be coming “in the second quarter of this year” with a release possibly set for May 1. Both the One and GALAXY S 4 are expected to arrive with downpayments of $99.99, however we still need a bit more on the monthly payment amounts. With that thought, it should be an interesting race to see which will come first — the One of the GALAXY S 4.