It looks like LTE-Advanced is the new 4G. Everyone wants to get on the bandwagon. Now that we’re seeing the GALAXY S 4 with LTE-A support, Verizon talking up the next-gen data speeds and more, T-Mobile has confirmed they have big plans too. The news was revealed by a T-Mobile exec himself and we have the details below.

At a media event today in New York City, T-Mobile’s Dave Mayo, a VP of technology, strategy and more had a few thoughts and comments to share regarding their future. Most notably, obviously, is the comments about the next generation of LTE data speeds, and when they’ll be getting them.

As we all know, T-Mobile is late to the 4G LTE party with Verizon and AT&T both having strong leads over the magenta company. However, T-Mobile’s in a pretty good position to continue their long-term rollout. T-Mobile will continue to push their updates this year, and he even claimed we’ll see LTE-A in 2013 as well.

T-Mobile will be rolling out LTE-Advanced features later this year” – Dave Mayo, T-Mobile

While we’re not expecting their network to fully be LTE-A ready, Mayo did mention they’ll have LTE-A “features” in 2013. Some of those include the popular multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) system found in home routers. Using a 2+2 smart antenna array that will offer unparalleled speeds both up and down when it comes to smartphone data.

Verizon has talked about next gen speeds, but not specifically LTE-Advanced. Either way we’ll be getting faster data speeds for our smartphones and beyond later this year from many different carriers.

VIA: TmoNews