SwiftKey 4.3 exited beta and arrived in the Google Play Store earlier this morning. That was the “Layouts for Living” update that added a few additional options for keyboard layouts. The update added a split keyboard for two-thumb typing and a mini keyboard for easier one-handed typing on a larger device. Well, it looks like Swype isn’t going to let the SwiftKey update go unnoticed.

The latest Swype Keyboard update arrived in the Play Store today as version And in this case, Swype has added what they are calling a Mini and Split keyboard. Both of these can be seen in the images here in the post, however the end result is easier typing for larger devices to include tablets and phablets.

Along with the new keyboard options, this update means the keyboard is now bilingual and also has a new theme (Blackbird) and punctuation prediction. You can now also adjust the long-press delay, vibration duration, keyboard height, keyboard layouts and word list font size.


Along with everything mentioned, there has also been some bug fixes as well as some updates to Dragon Dictation. The new Dragon Dictation features include phrase-based, real-time results and the ability to set the Dictation language independently of the main keyboard language.

Swype 1.6 can be found in the Google Play Store and this one will be arriving as a free update for those who have previously purchased the app. Finally, those looking to check out Swype, but not ready to commit with money, a free trial version is also available.