Better late than never, right? the latest update to the Skype app was posted to the Android Market yesterday, bringing a slightly updated calling UI and some basic bug fixes. And one more thing: video calling finally works on the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, one of the many Galaxy S II variants for the US market. The update comes out more than five months after the original launch of the phone back in  September. The addition of the (deep breath) Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch to the list of supported devices for video calling is the only major addition in this version of Skype.

In order for a phone to use Skype’s video chat feature, it has to have a front-facing camera, and that hasn’t been a standard feature for all that long. But in addition, the camera needs to support the same basic APIs that Skype uses – and sometimes custom manufacturer software can interfere with this. Second-generation HTC and Samsung phones were especially bad about Bluetooth compatibility, apparently due to the software used in their custom user interfaces.

You can download the Skype update from the Android Market now. Stock users of the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch may be in for a nice surprise soon – some official literature posted on the carrier’s forum indicates that they’re planning an upgrade to Android 4.0.3. If it comes as soon as it seems to be, the SGSIIE4GT may be the first US version of the Galaxy S II to get Ice Cream Sandwich. Sadly, a software update can’t do anything about that name.

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